We hear about Blockchain and Bitcoin every day it ought to be noted that Blockchain is far beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It is a platform which is used for carrying out transactions in the way that is incorruptible. This technology can be utilized in a way for transactions but for anything of value. Blockchain has been used in food security industry, accessory and fashion business, the industry, airlines sector and more. In A world where technology has gotten to a stage where scientists are coming up with cars is one of the systems that form a country’s government still rigged and unsecured? With the progress of technology has become far more transparent and convenient is this technology not being used to carry out elections? Voting is a right for each adult. Does not the adult population go to vote on the Election Day? Stand and people must go in lines that are huge to throw one vote. Some think that their vote does not count due to election results that are unfair.

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The bitcoin value Solution to this issue that was enormous has arrived. A platform allows blending the ideal blend of politics and technology . This results in Blockchain Voting’s creation. Why can it not be used for the function that is voting if this technology may be used for many functions? Blockchain voting is an online voting system which enables a secure, hassle-free, dependable and fast way for the sole purpose of voting for an election. Blockchain voting can change. It’ll leave no scope of query or doubt in the mind of the voter. In The day and age of technology, there are things that work throughout the ways. Voting is not one of these things. Voting is the procedure by which their leaders are chosen by the citizens of a nation. This procedure should be honest secure and accurate; all that are block chain’s qualities. Blockchain Voting is immutable, transparent and cannot be hacked into in order to modify the results. Blockchain Voting is an effective method. This will ensure that there’s no repetition of votes and not any voter fraud. Blockchain Voting is.

The Stakeholders are the like the stakeholders in the process of voting. This change can encourage a good deal of people of this vote. Anyone who has an internet connection and is an adult that means that they have the right to vote is eligible to be a part of the process of Blockchain Voting. The utilization of the technology from a voter’s point of view is extremely simple. Anyone With internet and a telephone access will have the ability to comprehend the platform’s specifications. The citizens that are voting do not need to travel a lot and do not need to wait in long lines. This hassle-free and quick process of voting will engage a growing number of individuals to participate in the process and become part of a world. This is a easier and cheaper method of conducting elections. The moment various governments understand the importance of introducing this technology the better it will for countries to have elections that are fair and simple.