You may have seen that when your cat is new to your home, or occasionally, will spray their pee. Pee spraying is a typical cat conduct; it is their method for denoting their domain.  Spraying is generally regular in cats that are whole or not fixed male cats just as families with more than one cat. Cats spray for the most part on draperies, covers and furniture; this tells different cats he was their first and that it is his space.  There are approaches to forestall this conduct; one is you can have your cats fixed. Another explanation a cat will spray is in the event that she sees another cat whether in your home or glancing through the window in your home.

Cat Spraying

do female cats spray? Cats like to sit in windows and you would prefer not to cut them off from daylight and action of outside yet on the off chance that your cat likes to glance out the window, at that point pull up any curtains, move your furniture path from the window or spread the base segment of the window. Just until they have a sense of safety and loose.  Here are a few strategies you can do to stop or lessen your cat spraying. In the event that you have more than one cat, attempt to play with the entirety of your cats together. Cats that get along will in all probability not spray since they do not feel undermined.  Try not to disturb the life of your cat to frequently. Cats loathe changes and change to their routine can realize the spraying. There are cat repellants available that you may use on the territories they like to help stop them from spraying.

The fragrance will find the cat off; it is splendidly alright for people so you do not need to stress. Ensure you clean the regions where the cats sprayed totally. You do not need the aroma of cat pee in your home or to be a challenge to urge cat to reuse the spot.

Could any of these be the explanation your cat is spraying?

Another explanation your cat may be spraying is rearing season. Despite the fact that your cat is an indoor cat, they likely sit by the screen entryway or peer out the window at the other neighborhood cats. On the off chance that it is rearing period of the local wanderer cats outside your window your cat may be animated as well and want to spray.

In cases like this the simple activity is to cover the base of the window so your cat cannot see other wanderer cats in the yard.  One of the most widely recognized explanation cats spray could be expected to just needing to check their region. In the event that you begin to attempt to recognize the genuine reason for your cat is spraying you can all the more immediately think of an arrangement to stop it.